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How Does Online Consultation Work ? 

Online Consultation at Kirti Skin Clinic is a video call with our doctors on zoom call. Process is simple, after you complete registration, you will be sent weblink, userID and password. Log in to clinic server and upload 4 to 6 photographs of your lesions. Our consultation support team will guide you through out the process. At your scheduled time you will be consulted on video call by our doctors. You will receive printable prescription on your log in.

Who is ideal patient for online consultation? 

Kirti Skin Clinic is using computerised technology since 1992. For last 10 years and more online consultation is routine practice at Kirti Skin Clinic. In most of the skin conditions, there is absolutely no difference in outcome from offline and online consultation. In case your skin disease requires offline consultation our doctors will guide you as they evaluate your photographs.

Is online consultation service is available International patients? 

Kirti Skin Clinic offers online consultation to patients across India as well as Internationally. Our doctors can consult you in english language. We will also prescribe you products available OTC in your country. We also support you in courier of medication to your country. In case if your disease requires help from local dermatologist, our doctors will guide you for the same.

What is prescription only Plan? How can I pay for my consultations ? 

Prescription only plan is easy basic consultation plan designed for your routine skin care and physiological skin diseases like pimples, skin rashes, hair loss, skin pigmentation like melasma, foot rashes etc. You will receive prescriptions fortnightly and instruction from our doctors. Kirti Skin Clinic offers all modern payment options for offline and online consultations. Even international patients can pay online.

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